100 Men Greeted Elementary Students With Most Epic Back-to-School Welcome (VIDEO)

You aren't the only one who cares about your child having a successful back-to-school time. A hundred men gathered in front of an elementary school to welcome students and show all lives matter when it comes to education.


Kids entering Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Hartford, Connecticut, were very surprised to receive such a warm welcome. Talk about a few good men (more than that in this case) showing up in your honor!

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I can only imagine the deer-in-headlights look first-time students had as 100 men, whom they probably didn't know, shouted their names and gave them high fives.

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This awesome pic is from DeVaughn Ward, a local attorney and organizer of the gathering.

I love seeing things like this, as it sends a positive message about community, the importance of education, and paying it forward. Plus, you never know what child doesn't have a mother or father at home giving them support (I can only imagine how something like this made their day). Kudos to these guys!


Image via WFSB 3 News

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