kid healthy foodsWant to try out some of the hippest healthy food fads but worried your kid won't go for them? Not necessarily!

Getting kids to eat healthily isn't always about sticking to the safe (read: boring) foods you know they like. In fact, they might just love to try something new -- it's all in how you present the foods to them. Food and fun? That's the way to go.

These healthy food trends will you give you the chance to get creative in the kitchen and add exciting ingredients that will make your kid want to not only try them, but also to eat them more often.

With protein, brain-building nutrients, healthy doses of fiber, and antioxidants, these cool superfoods are hopefully ones your kid (and the whole family) will enjoy eating. And you'll certainly enjoy the healthy benefits of them. You guys are so trendy!


What are your and your kids' favorite trendy foods?

Image via © jianying yin/iStock

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