Little Boy Has the Most Charming Reaction to Discovering His Mom's Pregnant (VIDEO)

There are just some things in this world that are too precious not to share. Whether or not you're having a good day, allow yourself to enjoy this three-minute video of a mom telling her son he'll be a big brother. Seriously, this 5-year-old boy's reaction is so sweet, you want to jump through the screen and kiss his cheeks.


I just love this!

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The second I heard, "is that your baby?" I just about died and came back to life. It's obvious this little man is excited to hear the news and can't contain his happiness.

I remember when I told my firstborn he was going to be a big brother. All he did was just stare at me. Granted he was only an 8-month-old at the time, I'm sure he was doing cartwheels in his head ... or thinking about food.


Image via Sarah Bromby/YouTube

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