Kindergartner Gets Police Escort to First Day of School in Touching Tribute to Slain Dad (VIDEO)

Police officers are here to serve and protect, which is a promise they made to 5-year-old Charlee and her family. Charlee was officer Justin Winebrenner's pride and joy. Unfortunately, his life was cut short when he died last year after trying to break up a bar fight while off duty. His fellow brothers and sisters in law enforcement made a vow to take care of his little one -- including a police escort to welcome his daughter to kindergarten.


Does anyone else find this video incredibly difficult to watch without a few tears filling your eyes? Not only is it a beautiful tribute to this fallen officer, but an amazing way to come to the aid of his family.

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It's hard to believe I still have memories of my days in kindergarten, and while they are a bit blurry, I can remember giving my father (a police officer) a toy skunk I got inside a Happy Meal. For some reason I thought Flower (she was a character from Bambi) would protect my dad while I was at school. Fast forward 24 years and he retired from the force, removing that little skunk from his dashboard.

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My heart breaks for families who lose loved ones due to tragedy -- especially children who never grow up making memories of their own with a parent. While little Charlee won't have her father physically in her life, he will live on through the kind acts of many officers.


Image via WAFB 9 News/CBS

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