American Kids Try International School Lunches With Hilarious Results (VIDEO)

How many of us heard "eat everything on your plate" each meal growing up, and yet were somehow able to get a pass? It's no secret that children can and will be picky eaters, but what happens when American kids try international school lunches for the first time? Well, the results may or may not surprise you.


Take a look:

You have to give these kids some credit, as they were pretty good sports. Some of their comments were priceless when they were faced with something they've never seen.

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This reminds me of how I grew up, and all the wonderful cuisines I missed out on because my household focused on three things: sandwiches, lasagna and Hamburger Helper. Cooking wasn't really a thing in my home, let alone trying new dishes. In fact, I have to shamefully admit I didn't try my first piece of steak and sushi roll (oh, what I missed!) until I met my husband. Thankfully, my palate has expanded with age, and given I married a first-generation Panamanian, mama can whip up all types of things in the kitchen.

As funny as this video was, it made me think about my two little ones and how they will act -- or, in this case, react -- to different foods when they go to visit a friend's house. I certainly don't want them saying "gross," or showing it with their body language. This is yet another reason why I try to expand their taste buds sooner than later, so they'll at least have a willingness to try out new stuff.


Image via CutVideo/YouTube

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