Bus Driver Ditches 5-Year-Old Miles Away From Her Home

Can you remember your child's first day at school? Aside from being full of tears during your good-bye, it's a pretty big milestone in any kid's life. Unfortunately for Jessica Yost, she will never forget the grisly memory of her 5-year-old not returning home from school. With a million scenarios swirling through her mind, it turns out a bus driver dropped her daughter off in the wrong town. Not only was this kindergartner all alone, but more than five miles away from her house.


Luckily this young girl was unharmed and taken home by one of Jessica's friends who just so happened to drive past her. Talk about being at the right place at the right time!

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I think most of us can agree that accidents do happen. Everyone can and will make a mistake (if you have yet to do so, please let me in on your secrets to perfection). However, that doesn't seem to be enough in this case. First, why was a 5-year-old dropped off in front of a random pizza shop? Sure many kids love a good slice but that's no one's home. Maybe that should've sounded an alarm in this driver's head that the little girl didn't live there.

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From the sound of things, there was a snag in protocol that made this bus driver think it was OK to randomly leave a kid on the side of the road. Yes, the average person wouldn't expect them to perform a concierge service where they bring your child to the front door, but this is pretty bad. 

Part of me now understands why parents ride behind buses during the first days of school. Sure you might want to sharpen your detective skills for future sleuthing, but you also want to make sure your kid reaches his or her final destination (school, not the pearly gates).

Honestly, I can't even imagine what I would do in this situation. Let's just say my first reaction wouldn't be so nice.


Image via © Gary Ombler/Dorling Kindersley Ltd./Corbis

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