Carnival Worker Gives Two Misbehaving Boys Unexpected Lesson on Life (VIDEO)

Whether you like it or not, almost everyone gets a lesson from the School of Hard Knocks. Sometimes, these nuggets of knowledge can come in the form of a sweet gesture from a stranger. Jennifer Dockter-Lago had no clue an Iowa state fair worker would school her two boys on life and the importance of listening to your parents.


Honestly, I would be a bit nervous if someone came up to my kids -- especially if they were acting out like this mother said. It's crazy how quick you go into "mama bear" mode at the thought of a person trying to discipline your kids, and yet, that's the furthest thing this sweet man wanted to do.

In fact, she was so surprised at this guy's message that she had to post her praise of him on Facebook for all to see.

There are times when kids just don't understand how good they have it, and other times when they choose to be a brat. Kudos to Deane Suni (the Good Samaritan in this story) for taking a little time to remind these young boys just how important it is to listen to your parents. Anyone with children knows all too well how difficult it can be getting your child to listen to you. Sometimes it does take a third party to make them stop and pay attention.

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While I'll never be one to knock someone's hustle (selling "crappy toys," as Deane calls it, might be all a person can do to put food on their table for the time being), there is a message to be learned here. No, your career isn't doomed if you give your parents lip (that's extreme), but it can sometimes be a precursor to rebellious ways down the road.

One thing is certain: Deane, a recovering drug addict, wanted to use his troubled past to pay it forward. I say he did with a simple message that just might have a lasting effect.

Good job, Deane.


Image via WHO TV 13/NBC

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