Every Time I Drive My Kids to School, I Take My Life In My Hands

I'm not a super confident driver. OK, I basically drive like a grandma. But a grandma who obeys traffic rules and the posted speed limits. So when you see me driving 45 down this winding country road, all I ask of you people in your gigantic SUVs and your pickup trucks: Please don't kill me. 


This year I am my children's chauffeur. Last year I lucked out because I had a high school student at home who would do the pickup, and a husband who would do the drop-off. This year it's all me, and I hate it. Not only is it a 40-minute round-trip commute -- it takes me down a two-lane stretch of road that is not only winding, but has a few schools along the way. 

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I like schools. I like kids. I worry about kids getting hit by cars. And I worry about some jerk plowing into me while I have my own kids in the car. So I'm a cautious driver. I drive 45 in the 45 zone. Which is why it totally spooks me and freaks me out and sends me into a white-knuckled panic attack when some asshole pulls up behind me and barrels down on me because I'm not going over the speed limit. What is with you people who do this? You need to get to where you are going 30 seconds ahead of time? You like intimidating us moms who are simply trying to drive our kids safely to school? Or are you trying to overcompensate for some other area in which you are lacking? 

I've now become obsessed with my speedometer. The other morning when I was driving the kids I noticed I was going 47. Totally reasonable. Behind me was some stupid crossover where the lady wasn't pleased I wasn't flooring it. 

She passed me, even though there were no passing signs posted everywhere. And we both arrived at the school basically within 10 seconds of each other. I was totally tempted to go over to her and ask what her problem is, but I just let it go. Maybe being able to pull up to the school doors in front of me meant a lot to her and she was very pleased with herself. Who the hell knows. My husband said I should have given her a big smile and a thumbs-up. Even with her passing me we were still 15 minutes early.

I know I'm a good driver. I know maybe it's so mom of me to want to obey traffic laws. I know that people want to get places fast, but isn't that what highways are for? I'm not asking people to go under the speed limit or to follow slowly behind me if I wasn't driving correctly, I'm just asking people to stop being so aggressive in their driving when the route goes by three schools and a few churches. Just think of the woman in the car in front of you and how she feels, and how stressful it is to see you speeding up behind her while her kids are in the backseat talking about their school day. I'm not going to get a ticket for speeding because you are late to get home and drink beer and watch game shows or something. 

Either I have to learn to ignore these jerks and go about my (safe) business, or else I'm going to be one of those jerks who starts writing down licence plates of people who speed during the school run. I get that you like to drive fast, just go do it in a different lane. 


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