Mom's Hilariously Catchy Bus Safety Parody Goes Viral (VIDEO)

As much as most of us would love to push our kids out the door (don't act like you didn't smile at the thought of a quiet home), there are other things parents must think about now that their kids are heading back to school -- and I'm not just talking about a fancy backpack or the latest fashions. Deva Dalporto is a mother whose parody video about school bus safety awareness is going viral and just might save a life.


If "Bus, Don't Move" sounds familiar, it should. Those of us who enjoyed scrunchies and velour jumpsuits in the '80s (I was like 2, but still rocked one!) are hip to Young MC's classic, "Bust a Move."

Take a listen and then we'll talk.

It was cute, right? Those mamas had some serious moves. Go ahead and work them yoga pants, ladies!

As much as I love parody videos, there's nothing like a good laugh that delivers an important message. In case you were too busy getting your running man on, I'll fill you in.

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Each year, kids are at risk of injury and even death as they travel to school. Those in particular who ride school buses are oftentimes hit by distracted drivers who fail to pay attention to that big flashing stop arm. Sadly, many of our children become victims of carelessness that could be prevented if folks just stop, don't move.

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Hopefully this video will continue to get more virtual attention that will make more of us slow down and focus on our surrounding environment.


Image via MyLifeSuckers/YouTube

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