This Awesome Teacher Flash Mob Is the Best Way to Get Ready for Back-to-School

Hey, kids, spoiler alert: Teachers get back-to-school anxiety, too! Most teachers, however, don't get their worries allayed by a group of their peers serenading them with a parody of a famous song from the musical Les Miserables -- but that's exactly what happened to one school in Iowa.


During the last day of teacher in-service for schools in West Des Moines, the district staff and faculty were gathered into an auditorium for what looks like the usual round of informational videos, speeches, and notes for the forthcoming year. But during a speech by the district's superintendent, suddenly the opening chords of the song "One Day More" rang out through the auditorium. And one by one, more than 30 teachers with microphones (and impressively good voices -- I hope at least some of these people are music or theater instructors!) appeared out of the audience to belt out a parody version of the song.

The song takes the teachers from the all too familiar sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach that just about anyone who's ever had to go back to school will remember, to the resolution that they are going to be ready, waiting, and excited to see their students walk in the door the next day.


Leaving aside the awesome performance (which I'm pretty sure was better-rehearsed than some actual community theater shows I've been in), this is also a cute reminder that teachers get back-to-school jitters too. I remember very well lying awake in bed the night before the first day with students and wondering whether I'd bought enough pencils, whether I'd be able to manage my classroom, whether I'd rehearsed my first-day speech enough times. (The answers: yes, sometimes, and absolutely not.)

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Taking a few moments to wallow in those feelings of dread with your colleagues -- especially in such a memorable way -- is a nice idea, and what's even better is then getting to set them aside to be able to settle in for the next day on the right foot. Besides, it's probably a much more school-friendly way to address before-school jitters than my ideal solution, which would be a plentiful supply of chocolate and box wine in the copy room. And I hope both the students and teachers in West Des Moines are having the best possible first day back!


Image via Greg Hudson / YouTube

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