Mom Furious to Discover Her Kids Have to Ride on School Bus Floor

With back-to-school season in full effect, many parents participate in what seems like a decathlon as they rush to prepare lunch, get their kids ready, and sprint out the door -- hoping they don't burn down the house due to a forgotten coffeepot. This is one of the reasons many rely on school buses, as they can really make life easier. However, when Kathleen van Halem found out her kids rode the bus on the floor, she was anything but happy and wanted to know why their safety was compromised.


To add insult to a potential injury, this was her children's first time  riding the bus. Hoping her son and daughter would reach Chapin Middle School, this South Carolina mom had no clue they would be forced to sit on the floor two days in a row. Aside from being potentially dangerous, school buses are pretty dirty.

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Demanding answers, Kathleen reached out to the school district who stood behind a policy that allows bus overcrowding during the first 20 days of school. Apparently, a bus broke down while in route that forced the district to make a decision: Pick up the kids and overcrowd a bus, or leave them on the side of the road until they could get to them.

It's pretty clear from the comments on WISTV 10 News -- side note: Kathleen, the mom, actually gets in discussions with a few people -- that many don't believe this is such a big deal.

"Sounds like this was a one-time thing, and unless she thought she was someone of special importance, it looks like she should have been happy that all children made it to school safely," one commenter said after revealing he drove a school bus in South Carolina.

"Methinks this mother needs a job volunteering in a school or bus office the first two weeks of the school year so she can see the issues that pop up at the last minute and then maybe she will understand firsthand what a nightmare the opening of a school year can be," challenged another.

I can remember times when I had to stand on the bus ride to school. Unfortunately, it kind of sucks if you live the farthest. As much as this wasn't an everyday occurrence, I have to wonder if I would get mad at the thought of my boys having to sit on the floor. I guess the easiest solution would be to drive them once I found out, but does that mean you overlook the matter completely?


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