Teacher Makes Back to School Magical for Middle School Harry Potter Fans

Sending the kids back to school can be a bittersweet time for parents. But that transition becomes a little easier when you know you're sending them to a teacher who cares, like Stephanie Stephens, whose amazing Harry Potter–themed classroom is sure to charm students and parents alike.


Stephens and her husband are both huge Harry Potter fans -- so much so that they told ABC News that they fall asleep to a Potter movie almost every night. So Stephens decided to translate that love of the wizarding world into the real world, by turning her classroom into a miniature version of Hogwarts. Her sixth-through-eighth grade students will be sorted into houses for which they can earn points, and eventually classroom treats, by demonstrating success and positive behaviors. She has a "prefect" desk for her current classroom assistant, who can earn that coveted spot by modeling classroom values for the other students. And, of course, there's the vivid decorations she used to recreate the world of Harry Potter in minutia. Take a look at some of the great shots her husband posted to Reddit:


If you're a parent whose kids get placed with such a teacher, count yourself lucky. There is no way that a classroom like that comes together without a teacher who really, really cares about her students behind the effort. Imagine how much time and energy Stephens put into making sure that the return to school would be an exciting time for those kids, and not something to dread. (Imagine how hard it is to make eighth graders excited about school at all, for that matter.)

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But if your child doesn't end up in a Harry Potter–themed paradise, don't panic either. There's a lot of time and out-of-pocket expense that goes into creating a classroom like that, and those are two quantities that not every teacher has equal access to. The amount of caring a teacher is funneling into making sure her classroom is a welcoming environment for incoming students is not directly proportional to the degree that classroom has been spectacularly decorated. The warmth that she shows when greeting your child is much more important than what's on the walls.

And whatever theme the classroom has (or doesn't), if you get a special teacher like Stephens, it can't hurt to send an owl her way with a note of thanks. Speaking from experience, there's no better potion for a teacher's flagging spirits than a few words from a student or parent that let her what she's doing is making a difference.


Images © 86thdj / Reddit

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