Mom Asks 'Star Wars' Super Fans to Help Save the Day for Her Bullied Little Girl

Kids can be vicious when they spot a target they think is ripe for bullying. But when kids at a school in Virginia went after an 8-year-old girl for her love of all things Star Wars, some of the movies' characters showed up to give her their support!


Layla Murphy loves Star Wars, which is reasonable because Star Wars is awesome. (A big asterisk there to note that I'm only referring to the original films.) But some of the other girls at Murphy's school in Norfolk, Virginia, began teasing her over her R2-D2 jacket and Star Wars gear, telling her that Star Wars was only for boys and asking if a boy was what Murphy was turning into.

But when Murphy started asking her mother, Nicolette Molina, if she could stop wearing her Star Wars stuff to school, Molina had an idea. She reached out to the 501st Legion, a Star Wars fan group that dresses in Stormtrooper costumes to do community events and promote the fandom. Under the hashtag #BadGuysDoingGood, the 501st worked to send Murphy a pile of Star Wars goodies, and along with them, the clear message: It's cool to like what you like. They even set it up for her to wear an 8-year-old sized set of Stormtrooper armor to a local concert, where she was able to meet parody singer and fellow Star Wars aficionado Weird Al. Cutest Stormtrooper ever!

Layla is yet another young girl who was teased at school for liking Star Wars amongst other "boy" things. As a result of...

Posted by The 501st Legion on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's great that Murphy's day was saved by the great folks of the 501st, but how sad is it that she needed this intervention in the first place? There's a new Star Wars movie coming out in just four months, with what looks like some great female roles in it (I love Princess Leia, but surely it's possible to better than one significant female character across three movies) -- and we're still at a point where "Star Wars is for boys!" is a thought that occurs to kids?

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This is one reason why Target's recent decision to de-gender their toy aisles is such a big deal to girl-geeks like me and Murphy. (Seeing some action figures of those cool new lady characters from the upcoming Star Wars movies would be a nice addition, too, while we're at it.) Star Wars, and science fiction in general, shouldn't just be for boys, and it shouldn't take an intervention from some heroic sci-fi villains to prove it. All kids should be free to like what they like; and the future ought to belong to all of us, too.


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