Our Back to School Fashion Show - Cutest Clothes for Girls!

dress from Kmart

I always loved back-to-school shopping every year. Getting lots of new clothes, cool new shoes, supplies and a backpack. I couldn't wait for the first day of school so I could start to use it all.

My older daughter and I headed out last weekend for a little school shopping at Kmart and she was just as excited as I remember being at her age.

The clothes were absolutely ADORABLE!



My daughter used to ask for jeans instead of jeggings, but with outfits this cute, even she was in love. We bought two pairs to mix and match with her tops.

It's fun and sassy, but still appropriate for kids.

And we both totally loved the little skirts and top sets from Piper.

So cute and already matched together as a set for us!

girl in Kmart clothes

My daughter is 10, but is super tall, so it's not always easy for me to find clothes that fit her while still being age-appropriate. We found so many adorable outfits for her at Kmart that fit well and were appropriate for her age, like the pretty Basic Editions Ruffle Chambray Shirt Dress (pictured at top).

girl in Kmart clothes

The Route 66 knit cargo jegging pants and a tank are adorable on their own, and can be dressed up with a little sweater too.

All of the shoes were from Kmart too. We found a huge selection of fun sandals, sneakers and flats that are perfect for school.

We found lots of great accessories, too. Everything from bangles and necklaces to sunglasses and hair bows - all great for accessorizing back-to-school clothes!

girl in Kmart clothes

These fun little Piper jeans had a glitter detail down the side that dressed up the outfit. My daughter loved them!

I wasn't sure if we'd be able to find enough clothes in my daughter's size, but we found sooo many adorable outfits. 

My daughter loved the selection of summery dresses, like the Route 66 Ruffled Chiffon Dress. She can wear a little cardigan over them if the AC at school gets chilly, and they're a nice option for days when she wants to look a little dressier.

We had so much fun and were thrilled with everything we found. Instead of leaving lots of outfits behind after trying them on, we wanted to purchase everything. 

It was such a great shopping experience. 

If your kids are heading back to school soon, be sure to head to Kmart to check out the huge selection of adorable clothes!

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