A Kmart Back To School Fashion Show

girl in her back to school outfit from Kmart

I remember back to school shopping with my mom. We would go out and do it all in one day so I sort of do the same thing with my kids. We went out last week and headed out to Kmart to get back to school clothes. I had no idea their clothing was SO SO cute! It was hard to stick to budget, not because of the price because prices are so great. The reason we had trouble sticking to the budget was because I wanted to come home with a whole new wardrobe for each kid and not just a few back to school essentials.


With brands like Piper, Piper Faves, Route 66, Basic Editions, Joe Boxer, and Everlast Sport (for activewear) the options for back to school girl clothing are quite fashionable this year.

I let my daughter pick out what she wanted and she made some really cute combinations. The jeans she picked out are by far my favorite, that and the blue jacket. She’s worn it every day since she purchased it. My daughter loves to shop and she could do it all day long. I made her try on everything. 

Louise's daughter trying on clothes

She had fun mixing tops and bottoms with my favorite being the denim jeans she picked out. They are SUPER cute.

My son on the other hand needed help picking out clothes. If he had his way he would be in character shirts 24/7. I had to set a rule, it has to be good for auditions. So he picked out a bunch of collared, striped and solid ones. And I found a NICE pair of jeans. Miles did not want to stick around so we had to do his photo shoot at home. 

Louise's son trying on clothes

For boys the brands include Basic Editions, SK2, Never Give Up by John Cena, Joe Boxer and Everlast Sport (for activewear).

We’re now ready to be quite fashionable for the first day of school.

What do your kids like to wear on the first day of school?


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