14 Kids Share How They Pick Their First-Day-of-School Outfits

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For those of us that don’t have uniforms dictating what our kids will wear, the selection of the first-day-of-school outfit requires careful thought and consideration – and shopping (at Kmart, of course)!

But what exactly goes through kids’ minds when they pick the outfit to make that all-important first impression? How do they decide to pick that shirt and those pants or that dress? We asked 14 elementary schoolers to enlighten us.

I started with my eight-year-old daughter. “I’ll pick something comfortable,” she said. “With a cat on it. Or in leopard print. Or, hopefully, both!” Oy!


"I pick something nice, but not too nice, because if it's too nice, it'll make a bad impression. And you don't want to make a bad impression on the first day, 'cause then it might last for the whole year." -- Charlotte,  7

"I just pick out something new from my closet the night before as long as I like it. I like whenever it's funny, like a mustache shirt." -- Grace, 10

"I don't choose my outfit. I just pick the first thing I see." – Peter, 10

"I'm going the wear the same thing I wore to the last day of school: a great skirt, knee high socks, and the shirt with my school’s name on it." – Olive, 8

“Well, I would pick a football or baseball jersey, but I'm sure my mom won't let me wear that." -- Eli, 8 (He’s right, says mom, but maybe they could agree on this jersey-inspired long-sleeved T, though!)

"I look at different clothes, hold them up in front of me in the mirror, and see which looks best." -- Abby, 8

“It should be something not too fancy, but not too casual. I usually like to wear a new dress with leggings or something with my school name on it to show spirit.” -- Eliza, 10

“Why are you asking me this? I don't really know!” -- Hudson , 7

“I pick clothes that express myself. Cute, comfortable, and intriguing, with colors that complement each other.” -- Anonymous 5th grader (Mom’s note: “She really does lay out her wardrobe the night before, after discussing with her BFF in San Diego via Skype!”)

"On the first day of school, you should look nice.” – Parker, 6

“You should look nice to meet your teacher on the first day of school, but wear what you like -- nice or fancy." – Owen, 6 (Parker’s twin)

"It shouldn't be fancy. It is just a day of school like any other day of school." -- Alex, 10 (Parker and Owen’s older brother)

"I just wear whatever." -- Luke,  9


How do your kids pick their first day of school outfit?

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