Stocking Stuffers, Big Kids: Monkeys and Robots

Stockings should be stuffed by now! But in case they aren't (okay, mine aren't either) here's another shot at  great girfts for under $10. If you need more quick ideas for other kids and grown-ups this holiday season, checkout the terrific stocking stuffers all throughout Daily Buzz. Happy Holidays!


Flingshot Monkeys

Why I love it: Ready, aim, howl! Howler monkeys are the loudest animals on earth, except for blue whales. This monkey is not, technically, a howler, but it is sure is extra loud. Slip your fingertips into its little mitts, pull back like a slingshot, let fly, and laugh hysterically as the furry projectile screeches through the air. Eeeeee! How perfect that it come in a set of two.

Get it:; $8.98

Disco Noggin Bops

Why I love it: Whatchumacall these? Disco Noggin Bops. That's because these dancing machines boogie oogie oogie non-stop. Arms to the left, hips to the right, legs to the left --and back again--get down y'all! Also comes in a set of two.

Get it:; $9.98

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