8 Supplies You Have at Home to Make an Awesome Backyard Fort

There's something about a good fort that's so magical and fun no matter who or where you are. Pillow and blanket forts are a winter staple, but since it's summer, we definitely have to talk about backyard forts. They're fun to assemble, and hanging out in them feels like an adventure (and, of course, making one is a good way to get kids outside doing something creative). For this activity, there are some things you can provide to turn your kids' forts from lame to luxurious.


Drag these household items into the backyard and turn it into an awesome, imagination-fueled getaway.

  1. Sheets. Of course, the most essential of the essential things kids need for an adequate fort is a sheet or tablecloth to create a tent. Help them hang it over a clothesline or over chairs to give them a little bit of that coveted shade.
  2. Pillows and blankets. The more home-y a fort feels, the more magical it is for kids. Give them some blankets to cover the ground with and some extra throw pillows to cuddle up next to, and we can practically guarantee you won't see them until dinnertime.
  3. Picnic basket. Pack up a picnic basket with lunches, snacks, water, and lemonade to keep the kids outside all afternoon. Best part? Being outside means no mess in your home, so those sticky summer favorites (we're looking at you, watermelon) are totally fine.

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  4. Battery-powered lights and lanterns. Electric camping lanterns or battery-powered tea lights will give any old fort a magical glow once the sun goes down, and that will turn the backyard into an after hours destination.
  5. Books. If you can convince your kids to take their summer reading books into the fort with them, they might be more inclined to read it when there's no TV in sight!
  6. Craft supplies. If the book thing doesn't work, you'll need to stock up the fort with some other activities. Give them cardboard or construction paper and markers to make artwork and signs to hang on their fort. No moms allowed!
  7. Scavenger hunt list. If you send the kids out with a scavenger list, they'll be occupied all afternoon. Have them look for pine cones and purple flowers in the backyard and then use them to decorate their fort.
  8. Portable speakers. It's one of life's basic facts that music is a mood lifter. If you can hook your kids up with some cheap portable speakers and an old iPod with a kid-friendly summer jams playlist queued up, they're more likely to be happy campers all day long.


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