11 Tricked-Out Tree Houses Any Kid Would Covet (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | Aug 12, 2015 Big Kid
11 Tricked-Out Tree Houses Any Kid Would Covet (PHOTOS)

tree houseSure, tree houses are mainly considered treasured hideways for kids, but, really, don't they add a magical quality and sense of adventure to any backyard? We've found 11 amazing tree houses that'll make you want to run out and start building an imagination station for your kids. 

Don't have the ideal tree or the handy man skills? Don't worry. We found an adorable work-around. Some of the tree houses we discovered come with their very own trunk. Curiosity piqued? Scroll through our slideshow -- but do it when the kids aren't around unless you're ready for lots of begging and pleading! 


Image via ameliajmoore.com

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