9 Best Creative Games for Kids (& How to Get Them Started)

Megan Zander | Feb 14, 2020 Big Kid
9 Best Creative Games for Kids (& How to Get Them Started)

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We all love playing with our kids and helping them use their imaginations, but it's important for kids to learn to play without you too. The only thing better than relaxing while your children are playing on their own is having them explore their creativity and learn cooperation while you put your feet up.


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These simple and fun games are ideas for you to them get started and then step back while their own creativity takes care of the rest.

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  • Flashlight Tag


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    Give your little ones small flashlights and divide them into teams. Shining your flashlight on an opponent means that person is "out" until the next round. Listen to the whispered giggles as they try to their best to be sneaky, and watch them explore the night and get creative to win as a team.

  • Fashion Show


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    Enjoy a dose of nostalgia as you reach deep into your closet to pull out some of those fantastic outfits that were so stylish back in the day or old Halloween costumes. (You know you still have them in there!) Let your kids have a blast building their own ensembles and watch them strut down the hallway to show off their hip new looks.

  • Name That Cloud


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    Head outside for some fresh air and flex their imaginations with this easy game that's perfect for summer afternoons. Have your kids try to spot things in the clouds and make up stories to go with them. Look, that rabbit cloud is racing the train cloud! As long as you don't spy any rain clouds, everyone wins.

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  • Simon Says


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    Demo this game for kids where one person calls out actions for the other players to perform, but make sure the players only move when the leader calls out "Simon Says". Then sit back with a well deserved cup of coffee while they try to come up with fun ways to stump each other. 
  • DIY Jug Band


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    Grab some wooden spoons, pots and pans, and a pair of earplugs and let your kids explore the joys of being noisy. Encourage them to use everyday objects like crinkly wax paper or a garlic press to make unique sounds -- just make sure they keep their hands away from your favorite vase! 

  • Finger-Licking Fingerpaints


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    Sometimes kids are so eager to play that they can't focus on snack time. But they've got to eat! Why not combine the two in an activity that's sure to be delicious and delightful? Use instant vanilla pudding and a clean plate as a canvas to create beautiful and edible works of art.

  • Blanket Fortress Building


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    Perfect for rainy afternoon, a blanket fort is a sure way to bust boredom and spark a kid's imagination. Grab some spare bed sheets and couch pillows to create a secret space that's all their own. Odds are you'll have to plead with them to come out for dinner, or you could let them have an indoor picnic in their new playspace while you enjoy the novelty of an adults-only meal.

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  • Silly Soup


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    Challenge your kids' listening skills and creativity while never having to get off the couch in this simple game that's a twist on a treasure hunt. Give them a large plastic bowl and tell them to make a "soup" by filling the bowl with toys and household objects that match the soup's "flavor". You can make a batch with only ingredients that are blue, another batch with objects that have letters on them, a bowl full of things that start with the letter "R"... the possibilities are endless.  

  • Impromptu Puppet Show


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    Do your kids have a flair for the dramatic? Help them channel their inner thespians by giving them simple objects like socks and brown paper bags to dream up their own characters and story line. Then pop some popcorn and enjoy your exclusive sneak peek of their masterpiece theater.

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