10 Surprising Uses for a Hula Hoop

kids with hula hoops

When you think of a hula hoop, you probably remember getting frustrated as a child while trying to keep it in motion, but with a little out-of-the-box thinking, this timeless toy has can do so much more than make a kid jealous of their older sister's effortless hip swivels.


Toys don't need bells and whistles to provide hours of fun. Here's ten out-of-the-box ways to get creative with a hula hoop.

1. Make gigantic bubbles. Create a bubble so big your kid can stand inside it. You guys will have the ultimate neighborhood bragging rights! Use an old tire filled with bubble solution and let your child stand inside while you or a friend encases them in a shimmering bubble column created by, of course, your trusty hula hoop.

2. A funky jump rope. Jumping rope is great fun (and great exercise) but you can challenge your child in a new way by offering them a hula hoop to skip through instead.

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3. Hit the target. Use a hula hoop as a target for tossing beanbags or balls. You can set up a series of hoops and keep score -- the farther the hoop your ball lands in, the higher the points you earn.

4. Indoor hopscotch. Perfect for rainy days, lay a few hoops on the floor to create an indoor hopscoth board that doesn't require you to wash the floors when the fun is done.

5. Make a circus tent. Suspend a hoop from a tree or ceiling and help you child cover it in long streamers that hang down to the ground. Now watch your child crawl inside and create a pretend circus world that's all their own.

6. Play circle pass. This group game is so much fun the kids will never realize they're boosting their teambuilding and communication skills. Have kids stand in a circle holding hands, with one person draping the hoop over one arm. The goal is to pass the hula hoop around the circle while never unlinking hands.

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7.  Create a quiet spot. Are the kids bickering so much that you're daydreaming about putting yourself in a time out? Give them each a hoop and declare them royalty over the space inside. Don't be surprised when their kingdoms form an alliance and they decide to play together again.

8. Aim high. Hang a hula hoop from a low hanging tree branch to create a giant hoop for target practice with soft balls or Nerf launchers.

9. You're on a roll. Have their kids use theirr hands to try and push the hula hoop like a narrow wheel. It's surprisingly tricky (and fun!). See who can make theirs go the farthest.

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10. Become a performer. There's a reason why classic toys never go out of style -- because they're timelessly fun. You can wiggle those hips or get creative with your hula style -- try spinning the hoop on one arm or even a leg.

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