10 Easy-to-Forget Clothing Items Your Kid Will Need for School

Judy Dutton | Aug 10, 2015 Big Kid

school shoppingWhen it comes to school shopping, you know the basics your kids need --  backpacks, gym clothes, a new pair of jeans. Yet as any mom who's scrambled right before Crazy Sock Day or School Spirit Friday knows, kids also need a few other items that are easy to forget.

In an effort to give you a heads up about some of the "dress-up" days at school that could be coming down the pike (sometimes on super short notice), here are 10 surprising articles of clothing you may want to have handy to avoid rushing to the mall at the last minute.


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  • Ridiculous Socks


    Crazy Sock Day is a staple at many schools, often used to raise awareness for various causes or just for fun. So, better make sure you've got a colorful pair handy. Your kid may only wear theirs once, but you don't want them to whine that they're the only one who didn't dress for the "occasion."

  • Cute Pajamas


    By "pajamas," we don't meant that oversized T-shirt and/or ripped boxers your kids actually wear to bed. We mean real pajamas -- the kind that can be seen (without total embarrassment) outside of the house for Pajama Day, another common school event.

  • Fave Sports Team Paraphernalia


    Whether your family is filled with die-hard Dodgers fans or you attend every college basketball game in town, that sports jersey or cap can do double duty for Super Fan Day at school. Not a sports fan? Better stock up on something with a local team's logo on it anyhow, so your kid can participate.

  • Plain White T-Shirt


    It's inevitable: Sooner or later, your kids will need to bring a white T-shirt (or two, or three!) to school. Why? They're the perfect canvas for tie-dying, gathering classmates' signatures, and other crafts they'll do in class. And there's a pretty good chance you'll find out about it the night before they need it.

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  • Something Green


    Pretty much every school celebrates St. Patrick's Day the same way: wear green. So unless you want your kids to stand out like sore thumbs amid a sea of green, better make sure something in their wardrobe fits the bill.

  • Weird Hat They'd Never Wear Otherwise


    Whether that's a hat shaped like Donald Duck or straight out of a Dr. Seuss book, Weird Hat Day is a school staple -- and any old hat you've got lying around just won't do. The wilder, the better.

  • Old Man/Woman Clothes


    On the 100th Day of School, many educational institutions celebrate by having their students dress up as 100-year-olds. That means a snowy white beard, a wig, faux glasses, an eyebrow pencil for wrinkles or a moustache may all be useful -- not to mention raiding Grandma or Grandpa's closet.

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  • Clothes from the '80s, '90s, Etc.


    Decade Day is another common dress-up event at school -- and depending on the decade you're shooting for, that means you probably shouldn't ditch those old bell-bottoms ('70s), jean jackets ('80s), or flannel shirts ('90s) just yet.

  • Storybook Character Costume


    Many schools encourage reading by having kids come to school dressed as their favorite storybook character. So, whether your kids dig The Velveteen Rabbit or The Cat in the Hat, better keep your eye out now for an appropriate outfit (maybe strategically plan a Halloween costume you can recycle for the occasion?).

  • Clothes in School Colors


    Sooner or later most schools have some event -- from school pride day to homecoming -- where kids come to school dressed in their school's colors. So whether that's orange and blue or red and black, it pays to keep these items around so your kid can blend in with the crowd. (If the school colors are red, white, and blue, consider yourself lucky that you don't have to buy anything extra for possible patriotic holiday dress-up requirements.)

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