6 'Duh' Signs for Misbehaving Kids (and Parents) the World Badly Needs

amusement park sign There are some aspects of parenting that seem so obvious no one should need to have them explained -- like the above Imgur photo of a sign for parents at an amusement park, which the original poster notes that he thinks there shouldn't have to be a sign for. Except, if such a sign does exist, it's almost certainly an indication that this has come up much, much more than once. So as long as "duh" signs like this one exist for parents, what other signs should we start seeing soon in businesses and establishments that welcome families?


1. "The waiters are not responsible for getting your child to eat his vegetables."

A short perusal of some of the stories in the "restaurant" tags on NotAlwaysRight.com suggests that some parents truly believe that waitstaff are on hand to serve as enforcer and/or bad guy for mealtime rules and nutrition. Spoilers: They aren't, at least not unless you're planning to tip 150% of your bill.

2. "Employees must wash their hands before returning to work, as must anybody who just changed a poopy diaper."

Three words: Fecal. Coliform. Bacteria. And a fourth word: YUCK.

3. "All rulings by the umpire are final and non-negotiable."

Even if Timmy really wanted to have hit a home run and not a foul ball. This is Little League, not an episode of Law & Order, so can it.

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4. "No refunds issued in the case of your baby becoming frightened during a screening of an R-rated movie."

Who would have guessed that San Andreas would have been noisy enough to wake a napping 6-month-old?!

5. "If you completely ignore your screaming toddler for 15 or more minutes, a surcharge will be added to your bill to cover the cost of a round of drinks for the rest of the restaurant."

$3.50 for every other patron who's currently trying to decide between waiting for the entrées to arrive or stuffing their purse full of bread sticks and heading for the door.

6. "Caution: This is a toy store, not a babysitting service."

Don't drop your kid off in the electronics aisle and then jaunt off to go run errands. (Or the stuffed-animal aisle, or the Lego aisle, or the doll aisle ...) This shouldn't need to be said and yet several people I know who have worked in retail have a story like this. So, yes, I guess it does need to be said.

Image via BraHaHaw / Reddit

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