47 Creative (& Easy) Snack Ideas for Kids

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47 Creative (& Easy) Snack Ideas for Kids

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Snack time sounds fun, but it’s seriously mind-boggling trying to figure out what will keep everybody satisfied, energized, and well nourished. Junk food covered in cheese-like orange dust isn’t going to cut it, and to come up with new, original ideas every day -- well, who’s got time for that? We did the time-consuming part for you: finding easy snack ideas to make kids happy, keep them healthy, and beat snack-time boredom.


If you and your family want to avoid a monotonous loop of cheese and crackers and chips and dip, you’re going to love this slew of creative, healthy, affordable and (most importantly) tasty snack ideas.

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  • Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves


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    What beats a snack you don’t even have to prepare? Just keep a few basic ingredients on hand for these tasty DIY snack ideas, and your kids can assemble their own tasty bites while you chill out. Bonus: This doubles as an activity that keeps them busy and gets them excited about eating their own healthy creations.

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  • Kid-Friendly Snacks Everyone Will Love


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    Make separate eats for the kids and the grown-ups? No way! You guys can all enjoy these kid- and adult-friendly snacks together. And you’ll avoid feeling like a short-order cook every now and again.

  • Superfood Brain-Building Snacks


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    Between soccer practice, tai chi class, and actual school, our kids brains are in constant gear-turning motion. So before blood sugar dips and your kid’s mental sharpness risks a bit of a lull, supply your little smarty pants with one of these brain-building superfoods.


  • Ideas for 'Snack Mom' Duty


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    Oh, you got that letter sent home that you’re the “snack mom” for the class party/lacrosse game/other fill-in-the-blank activity? Pretend you came up with one of these 12 simple kid treats all by yourself. They’re so adorable they're Pinterest-worthy. And we won’t tell anyone we gave you the idea.

  • Good-for-You Travel Snacks


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    Okay, so who here’s not constantly on the go? We hear crickets. We’re willing to bet there are at least a few days a week where you need something you can just throw into a backpack, purse, or diaper bag and go. And it doesn’t have to be filled with sugar and artificial coloring. Behold travel snacks your kids will love.

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