Hilarious 'Pizza Farm' PSA Inspires Parents to Take Kid Nutrition Seriously (VIDEO)

pizza farm

Wanna see the latest and funniest way to promote healthy eating in kids? Then take a tour of this "pizza farm," where comedian Nick Offerman from the hit TV show Parks and Recreation shows off acres and acres of sun-kissed pizza, fish sticks, and taquitos ripe for picking.


Of course, this ad, on the website Funny or Die, is a parody -- part of the American Heart Association's campaign to convince Congress to renew the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which raised nutritional standards for school lunches nationwide in 2010.

Yet instead of just reeling off the usual laundry list of the health benefits of laying off French fries and Sloppy Joes, the AHA decided to try humor instead. Check it out below:

As a mom who grew up eating countless tater tots, I think the only reason I was okay with my 5-year-old daughter's eating school lunch now was the higher health standards I'd heard had been set in place. So to hear those might backslide definitely makes me want to write a letter to Congress to keep those standards in place!

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And as much as we hear about kids turning up their noses at healthy school lunches, these new standards are working: According to the AHA, kids are now eating 16 percent more vegetables and 23 percent more fruit. That's a huge difference! Changing picky palates like this take time, but it's clearly working.

And since preaching the benefits of healthy food is bound to fall on deaf ears, I think it's smart to go the funny route instead. There's just something about seeing Nick pull a fresh-grown, sun-kissed Sloppy Joe out of the earth that's been watered with Cola that drives his point home far better than any scientific study.


Image via Funny or Die

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