Here's What Your Favorite '80s Toys Would Cost You Today (PHOTOS)

Many of us are at that age where our childhood toys are now being referred to as "vintage" and "collectibles." It's tough getting older and realizing how much time has passed since you were a kid. The memories of your old toys are sweet, and you probably wish at times that you could have them back for your kids. Well, we are here to tell you that you can have them back -- if you have some serious coin hanging around, that is.


Or maybe you don't want your toys back, but need a little extra money.

Either way, it may sting to know that had you kept your childhood toys new in their box, they could fetch a pretty penny on eBay in 2015! Then again, why would any child have thought that way when all they saw was a fun new toy to play with? If you could go back in time and tell your little kid self to leave that Cabbage Patch doll in the box, would you? Once you see what your 1980s toys would be worth today, you may feel the urge.

Did you keep any toys from the 1980s that could be worth something now?

Image via eBay

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