Here's What Your Favorite '80s Toys Would Cost You Today (PHOTOS)

Valerie Williams | Jul 6, 2015 Big Kid
Here's What Your Favorite '80s Toys Would Cost You Today (PHOTOS)

Many of us are at that age where our childhood toys are now being referred to as "vintage" and "collectibles." It's tough getting older and realizing how much time has passed since you were a kid. The memories of your old toys are sweet, and you probably wish at times that you could have them back for your kids. Well, we are here to tell you that you can have them back -- if you have some serious coin hanging around, that is.

Or maybe you don't want your toys back, but need a little extra money.

Either way, it may sting to know that had you kept your childhood toys new in their box, they could fetch a pretty penny on eBay in 2015! Then again, why would any child have thought that way when all they saw was a fun new toy to play with? If you could go back in time and tell your little kid self to leave that Cabbage Patch doll in the box, would you? Once you see what your 1980s toys would be worth today, you may feel the urge.

Did you keep any toys from the 1980s that could be worth something now?

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  • Teddy Ruxpin


    Image Via Ebay

    Teddy Ruxpin was the cuddly childhood companion of many a 1980s kid and yours was likely pretty roughed up by the time you grew out of needing him. If you kept him in mint condition, he would be valued at upward of $450! 

  • Cabbage Patch Doll


    Image Via Ebay

    Possibly the most sought-after toy of the 1980's, Cabbage Patch dolls were big business. They were also well loved by the lucky kids who got one, but if they had stayed in the box and not gotten crayon all over their faces, the originals could be worth $125 today.

    The new version is close to $35.

  • Glo Worm


    Image Via Ebay

    You know the song -- "Glow little Glo Worm, glimmer, glimmer" -- and you may have held one tight while falling asleep as a little kid. What you don't know is that this little plush toy could fetch $50 or more on Ebay today if it hadn't gotten drooled on evey night by a preschooler.

  • She-Ra Princess of Power


    Image Via Ebay

    Was there a "girl" toy from the 1980s that made us feel more empowered than She-Ra? If you had one of these, she probably saw many a battle with He-Man by her side, but if she had stayed pristine in her packaging, you could get around $85 for her now. Powerful indeed.

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  • My Little Pony


    Image Via Ebay

    Just the mention of My Little Pony brings back memories of how they smell and how much fun it was to brush their hair. You might have drawn on them with marker or snipped their tails while pretending to be a hairdresser, but had you left them in their packaging, they could nab you around $90 now! You could have sold them all and bought an actual pony. 

  • Rainbow Brite


    Image Via Ebay

    We think if all women who grew up in the 1980s were honest with themselves, we would still want to play with a Rainbow Brite doll. They're so adorable and fun! If you turned your nose up at her as a kid and left her in her box, she would now fetch a cool $230 or more. She is the actual gold at the end of a rainbow!

  • Fashion Plates


    Image Via Ebay

    We all thought we could be future fashion designers because of Fashion Plates. As far as 1980s arts and crafts, it didn't get any cooler. If you resisted the urge to make your own stunning creations, a new-in-box set could now sell for as much as $80. You could buy some real designer jeans for that price tag!

  • Speak & Spell


    Image Via Ebay

    A Speak & Spell taught so many of us to do just that. One of the first electronic educational toys, it was very popular in the 1980s. If you still have one, you could now cash in for an extra $60, even used.

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  • Lite-Brite


    Image Via Ebay

    Are you in need of an extra $175? Did you happen to hang on to your Lite Brite from the 1980s and all of its parts? Then you're in luck -- that's how much they're selling for now on Ebay.

  • Etch A Sketch


    Image Via Ebay

    This is one toy from our childhood that hasn't changed at all and still sells in stores today. If you happen to have an original new in the box, you could get $85 for it. Then, you could head to Target and buy 10 replacements at the current retail price!

  • Garbage Pail Kids Cards


    Image Via Ebay

    Who knew one day there would be a huge market for vintage Garbage Pail Kids cards? The ones pictured here priced at $175 -- for only TWO cards. Who knew such a goofy toy could be so profitable one day?

  • Puppy Surprise


    Image Via Ebay

    The real surprise with Puppy Surprise is that if you managed to keep one new in the box, they are now worth around $100.

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  • Atari


    Image Via Ebay

    The original gaming system, Atari was a beloved item in many a 1980s household. Even this banged-up version could fetch almost $400 on Ebay, so if you still have one of these, you could make bank selling it ... and buy that Xbox the kids are begging you to purchase.

  • Pound Puppies


    Image Via Ebay

    Pound Puppies were all the rage in the mid 1980s, so chances are good you had one as a kid. If you left him in his sad little cardboard crate and never played with him, he could sell for $50.

  • Kid Sister Doll


    Image Via Ebay

    Is the song going through your head yet? "Kid Sister! Kid Sister! Wherever I go, you're gonna go!" Everyone loved Kid Sister (or the boy version, My Buddy), but if you happened to have left her in original packaging, she would be worth around $250 on Ebay today. 

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