Kid's Room is a Pigsty, Help!

photo by islandwalker

You'll love this one. Adria71 asked a simple question, how can she get her 10-year-old daughter to clean up her sloppy room? Easier said than done, we all know.


But the responses to this question were golden. Check them out. I plan on implementing some of this ASAP.

  • "Anything that I left laying around, my mom would put in a hamper/box/bin that was completely off limits to me and would not give it back to me for a couple of weeks. I got much better about picking up and did so quickly."--anonymous

  • "It's really all about connecting with her. Don't yell at her, because it just makes them mad and not want to listen to you. Try making it a special time that you two spend together. You both can clean her room together and bond. And maybe afterward yall can go out for ice cream or a movie or something."-- senior2009
  • What I do with my kids is they have 1 hour to clean their room and put everything away properly (they like to hide everything under the bed) and anything left on the floor gets bagged up and thrown away."-- sammiesmom2000
  • "You clean it, and then pay yourself out of her allowance. When it hits them in the pocketbook it hurts! After all, in the real world if we want someone to clean our house, we have to pay them"--anonymous

How do you get your kids to clean their rooms?

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