10 Bizarre Camps for Kids to Up Their 'How I Spent My Summer' Game (PHOTOS)

boy binoculars

Each summer, around 11 million kids pack their bags and head off to one of more than 12,000 camps across the U.S. Meanwhile, you kick back in your astoundingly quiet home with visions of your little tykes reveling in "normal" camp activities -- from hiking to canoeing to arts and crafts.


Or maybe not. Camps have gotten a lot more eclectic over the years. And we're not talking unorthodox a la space or chess camp, but really off the rails, where kids can master far stranger skills.

In case you're curious just how weird summer camp can get, check out these offbeat options available for kids today. From building bombs to fighting zombies, these crazy summer camps prove there's a place for every child, no matter how odd his interests.

Who knew camp #4 could morph into an in-demand career?


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