10 Incredible Images That Make You Look at Kids' Sidewalk Chalk in a Whole New Way (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Jun 19, 2015 Big Kid

sidewalk chalk art bj wilkinson

Just about every parent under the sun breaks out sidewalk chalk for their kids at some point. But it was only about a year ago that BJ Wilkinson -- a kitchen repairman and dad of three living in Alabama -- decided to pick up the chalk himself.

"I hadn't done anything artistic since high school," admits BJ. "I just started doodling on my driveway."

Thinking it would be fun to involve his 9-year-old daughter Ava in the process, he started making room for her to star in his drawings. Then he snapped some photos and posted them on Instagram under the name capn_awesome77.

"That's when things blew up," he says. Since then, his artwork has garnered hundreds of followers and invitations to various chalk art festivals around the world, which he has declined.

"I just do this for fun," he says, adding that he creates about one image per week, and that they take a couple hours to make (and sadly they wash away as soon as it rains). "I'll stop when my daughter outgrows it. Eventually she won't want to participate, like her two older siblings. So, I'll take it while I can get it."

And we will, too! Need some inspiration to seriously up your sidewalk chalk game? Check out some of his drawings to see the humble art of sidewalk chalk in a whole new light.

Wow, #3 and #9 are such trippy optical illusions!


Image via capn_awesome77/Instagram