How Far Can Your Child's Imagination Go?

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Raising boys is one of the most fun jobs in the world, because a little boy’s world is full of fun and imaginative play.  As moms it is our focus to keep their imaginations going all the time to build confidence and creativity in all areas of their life. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by giving them toys that really encourage learning through play. As parents, we know that kids learn best when they’re having a great time. We also know that imagination is the seed that grew every great invention and innovation in our world.


Battery-operated toys are a great way to spur on the imagination of your youngsters.  For our boys, playing with battery operated building sets gives them a great base to learn how machines work.  We love watching them take a basic kit and then reinvent it by combining with other kits.  A simple spider turns into a family of spiders, or a dinosaur in no time.  

Building creations with their battery-operated building sets doesn’t just allow them to unleash their imaginations, it also helps them build skills that will last a lifetime! Skills like hand-eye coordination, critical thinking and the ability to develop complex plans. It also helps develop math and science skills. Don’t believe me? Grab any battery-operated building set, sit down with it for an hour and you’ll see how much you learn in just a short time! Of course, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realize how much you’re learning!

Since learning to build things is a great way not only to fuel our kids’ imaginations, but also to build their desire to learn more about engineering in the future, playing with these battery-operated toys is actually an important part of building their future.  When we take the time to create something with our children that is lasting, it can not only be fun in the present but also impact their future.  Our little budding engineers love unleashing their imaginations and reinventing new ideas from simple kits, and we love seeing them in action.  Giving your kids fun ways to learn means you are preparing them for a successful future.

With battery operated building sets motors, high quality batteries are a must.  Running a battery pack with their machines for several hours at a time as they change and invent new creatures or tools can drain batteries fast.  By grabbing the Duracell batteries we have, we are guaranteeing not only that their creations will work, but they will work for longer. 

Duracell makes play time something we as moms can feel confident about with our kids.  Not only can we provide them with great battery-operated toys to spur their imagination for more play, we can do so without worry when using the Duracell brand.

What battery-operated toys inspire your kids’ imagination and prepare them for a successful future? Share in the comments!


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