Bubble Games! Easy Ideas for Fun with Kids’ Bubble Machines

bubbles and fly swatter

If you have ever been the designated bubble blower for your kids, you know it's a workout for your lungs. Kids never get tired of popping bubbles! Mine would have me sit there blowing bubbles for hours (or until I passed out from lack of oxygen.) Can you relate?

Lucky for us, a creative parent decided to save our breath and invented a bubble blower machine. Our bubble maker is one of our favorite toys ever! It provides endless bubbles for my kids. All I have to do is keep it filled with bubble solution and batteries. I can handle that!


Our bubble maker machine is just one example of our many toys that need batteries. My youngest son is going through his “electric train” phase. He loves to lay wooden train tracks for his trains to drive around. It’s a fun way for him to play creatively with battery-operated toys. 

We turn on the bubbles for hours of active play.

A bubble blowing toy is something children of all ages can enjoy. Even babies are mesmerized by bubbles floating by! My 3- and 5-year-old boys love to pop bubbles, and we have several simple games we play.

Bubbles can be a fun way to get kids active, teach them simple skills and use their imaginations. A few of our favorite bubble games are:

Bubble Clap and Pop ABC and 123 Game

Have your child pop the bubbles by clapping their hands. Every time they clap a bubble, say a letter of the ABCs. Try to get all the way to Z! Learn to count the bubbles 1, 2, 3 as you clap and pop each one.

Bubble Stomp

This is a fun one. Kids can only pop bubbles with their feet! Have them stomp bubbles on the ground.

Musical Bubbles

Play music while the bubbles are blowing. Let your child pretend to be a bubble, and float fast or slow depending on the music's tempo.

Flyswatter Bubbles

Give each child a flyswatter and let them swat away at the bubbles!

I like to keep a handy stock of batteries. It seems like we use AAA and AA batteries the most often. Keeping a supply of batteries is convenient so my kids don’t have to stop playing in the middle of a game when the batteries run down. All battery brands are not created equal - I like to use batteries that have the longest lasting battery power.  I trust Duracell batteries because they last longer than other battery brands.

Do you have a bubble maker? What is your child's favorite toy? Could Duracell batteries help keep your child's toys running longer for more  creative play?


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