Bringing Imagination to Life

battery operated toy trains

Toys have really changed since I was a child. I remember many of my favorite childhood toys and none of them were battery-powered.

Now my kids play with many similar toys, but their toys are different. They all do a little more. Have a siren and lights like a real fire rescue vehicle, cry and laugh like a real baby, play music like a real guitar. It's amazing how many different types of interactive toys there are on the market today.

And my kids love them all.


My husband and I enjoy letting the kids play with battery-powered toys because they allow our children to use their imagination and to play creatively while getting the added fun of sound and movement.

My son has a favorite remote control car the he plays with daily. He drives it around and around the kitchen and dining room, racing it to see how fast he can get through the “track”. 

My girls have come to love playing “Police Force” over the last year. They run all over the house and out into the yard solving mysteries and handling various pet and toy emergencies, calling to each other from their walkie-talkies.

The kids all play instruments in a pretend band and put together musical shows for my husband and me. My son plays a little drum machine and the girls have a little keyboard and microphone that they take turns with.

All of those toys bring out wonderful creativity in the kids and my husband and I love to see them playing so happily.

But one thing we don't love?

When those toys stop moving. Stop working, stop playing and stop making sounds. Remote control cars, walkie-talkies and play instruments aren't much fun when they won't turn on.

It's not just about claiming to last longer. It's about really, honestly lasting longer. I want my kids to enjoy their toys and to be able to play with them and turn them on whenever they want.

That's why I choose Duracell.

I trust Duracell to power my children's imagination, because when a child's toy lights up, their imagination lights up. 

How do you like to power up your child’s imagination?


Mickey Coutts is the mother of three and blog owner at A Helicopter Mom, a helpful and fun resource to make life a little easier for busy moms. Her blog also features reviews, product giveaways, and in-person coverage of local and national conferences and events.

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