8 Moms Confess: The Tragic Time I Forgot to Bring a Change of Clothes for My Kid

CafeMom Contributors | Jun 11, 2015 Big Kid

kid eating ice cream and making a mess

There’s that old saying that goes something like, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I always think about this as I shove an extra pair of Kiddo’s undies or a spare t-shirt for her in my bag before we head out for a long day of playdates and errands.

Why does this adage stick in my brain? Well, because I remember that time. The time when I was unprepared. The memory of it is seared in my brain. I have nightmares about it. There is nothing like needing a pair of pants or a fresh top to make a situation better…and not having it.

I asked around, and almost every mom I know has had a moment like that. As summer kicks off, with detoured car trips, possible airport delays, and visits to the amusement park gone bad, let’s all remember these moms' horror stories as we stuff an extra set of clothes in our bags!

When was the last time you wish you had a change of clothes but didn’t?

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  • The Airport Disaster


    “While on vacation, we were in the security line at the airport in Punta Cana, and some other child vomited. The airport peeps just put a cone over it. Several seconds later, my child is crying because she slipped and was now laying in it. I picked her up, and then had vomit all over me too. She had no outfit, I had no outfit, and she was in her last diaper. Fast forward to me sporting a Punta Cana t-shirt, and my now-barefoot daughter wearing a Punta Cana t-shirt AND a $20 diaper!” -- Kristin 

  • The Car-Seat Crisis


    “Let’s just say child drinking orange juice in the car on a road trip after having had a yogurt for breakfast at home results in an ‘OMG, we need to stop at the mall and buy a new outfit!’ moment.” -- Jeanne

  • The Unanticipated Dunk


    “One summer day, my son was mad at me while having a picnic outside of the science museum. There's a large, nasty, lily pad-filled pond there, and I told him to step away from it. He proceeded to stand in said pond. I told him to come back, but he advanced into the pond, up to his knees. I gave a more stern warning, and he went even deeper. Before he knew it, he was up to his neck in the pond. He looked horrified. But then, he saw my face, and knew that being slime-covered was nothing compared to the wrath of his mother.” -- Sarah

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  • The Stroller Ooops


    “When we lived in New York City, I never strapped my kid in the stroller. It was a bad habit, I know. Then, one summer day, I hit a bump in the curb. My kid catapults out of stroller into a puddle. There were no inexpensive kids’ clothing stores to pop into, so my older daughter ended up clad the cutest $60 pants and $40 top ever. I was sad when all my kids outgrew those pants. I loved them so.” -- Kathy

  • The Wet Walrus


    “We were at an amusement park in San Diego a few years back. My older son was in middle school, and we went to the walrus and sea lion show. In that show, the walrus spews a giant mouthful over the audience. This time, the walrus looked over the people, centered in on my son, who made eye contact with the walrus. The animal took dead aim and spit the whole mouthful right between his eyes. He was drenched! Not a drop hit me or his brother, who were on either side of him. My advice besides always having an extra set of clothes? Don't make eye contact with the walrus!” -- Phyllis

  • The Surprise Storm


    “I never have a change of clothes when we are caught in one of those summer rainstorms that just pop up. Suddenly, we all are soaked and IF ONLY you had that second pair of shorts or t-shirt, everyone would be so much less cranky (both Mom and kids)!” -- Kristi

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  • The Frequent(ly) Messy Flier


    “We learned the hard way to bring extra clothes on our first flight with our oldest son. He spit up all over himself and my husband. They both were soaked and stinky for the whole flight. From then on, we always packed an extra onesie, and my husband brought an extra shirt for himself too, which I thought was overkill. But, on the flight back, my son had a leaky diaper, and I ended up with pee-soaked jeans for the whole time. Suddenly, I didn't think my husband was so crazy in wanting to pack extra clothes for grown ups too. To this day, we have an extra pair of underwear and pants in the trunk of each car for everyone!” -- Joanna

  • The Poorly Packed Diaper Bag


    “The first time we went to the pediatrician with my newborn son, I packed my cool new diaper bag with everything BUT diapers and clean clothes. The second I got to the doctors office, he had a massive poop, and I had basically nothing but fancy muslin baby blankets and some toys and some unnecessary baby gadgets. I had to wash him off with paper towels in the bathroom sink and bring him in naked with a diaper I'd begged from a nurse. Thankfully, it was a warm day in May, and we could take him home in just a diaper, but oh man!” – Catherine