8 Moms Confess: The Tragic Time I Forgot to Bring a Change of Clothes for My Kid

kid eating ice cream and making a mess

There’s that old saying that goes something like, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I always think about this as I shove an extra pair of Kiddo’s undies or a spare t-shirt for her in my bag before we head out for a long day of playdates and errands.

Why does this adage stick in my brain? Well, because I remember that time. The time when I was unprepared. The memory of it is seared in my brain. I have nightmares about it. There is nothing like needing a pair of pants or a fresh top to make a situation better…and not having it.


I asked around, and almost every mom I know has had a moment like that. As summer kicks off, with detoured car trips, possible airport delays, and visits to the amusement park gone bad, let’s all remember these moms' horror stories as we stuff an extra set of clothes in our bags!

When was the last time you wish you had a change of clothes but didn’t?

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