Stocking Stuffers, Big Kids: Game Books

memory gameAre those stockings stuffed yet? No?! Well, here are a few more great gifts for big kids for under 10 bucks. All throughout Daily Buzz we've got stocking stuffers for kids (and grown-ups too)! Hope this helps make your holiday shopping that much easier--and less expensive. Here's to a frugal--but happy--holiday season!


Memory Game Book Series

Why I love it:  Kids adore this game. The classic game of "Memory" now comes in a collectible book-style set perfect for storing in a bookshelf (instead of up high with the other board games covered in dust). It  includes all 72 picture cards--make them match! Memory is a game for kids as young as preschool, but show me a person of any age who doesn't think it's big fun.

Get it:; $7.49

Chutes and Ladders Game Book Series

Why I love it: Same deal as above. This a generational classic that every kid must play! Whoever had the great idea to condense it and put it in a book box was definitely on point. Now your kids can store the game (and the pawns that like to get lost under the bed) right on the bookshelf. Perfect.

Get it:; $7:49

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