Barbie Finally Gets a Body Part That Real Girls Will Recognize


When you think of Barbie, what comes to mind? A scientifically impossible figure? Ridiculous blue eye makeup? A haircut waiting to happen? Okay, after those things. How about Barbie's shoes? All of her crazy high-heeled shoes? Since Barbie first burst on the scene in 1959, she's been sporting heels over her perma-pointed feet. But now? Now casual gals can rejoice, because Barbie just got a makeover and she can finally wear flats!


On June 4, Mattell announced that Barbie dolls will soon be coming with the option of "adjustable ankles," which will allow Barbs to slip into something a little more comfortable, such as a pair of sling-back sandals or Mary Janes, after a long day of cleaning her dream house or cruising around in her Corvette. It's kind of hard to believe that it's taken this long for Barbie to have the option to wear flats, but hey! Better late than never. 

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Over the past few years, Mattell has been making changes to Barbie that have sloooowly gotten more with the times (Tattooed Barbie, anyone?), so it's about time that the toy company get with the program that not everyone wants to prance around in heels all day. 

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However. And this is a big however. There's still one little problem with flat-footed Barbie. Kids across the globe will, without question, still lose these g.d. Barbie shoes all over their homes. Now, instead of finding a high-heeled Barbie shoe in your bed at night, you'll find a flip-flop. Instead of panicking that your baby may swallow an errant Barbie heel, you'll have to worry that he's going to swallow a ballet flat. 

So, I guess the moral of the story here is the best kind of Barbie is a barefoot Barbie. Hippie Barbie, anyone?

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