10 Things No Kid Should Wear in Public (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Jul 13, 2015 Big Kid
10 Things No Kid Should Wear in Public (PHOTOS)

inappopriate shirts for kids

Fashion dos and don'ts aren't just for adults. Believe it or not, there are plenty fashion faux pas that the younger generation can easily pull -- and the onus is generally on the parents who let them out of the house like that.

Whether they're inappropriate because of their logo, size, or just general demeanor, it's best to avoid these items at all costs. 

Beware parents, and check your home for these 12 things children shouldn't wear in public:


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  • Personalized Clothes


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    Personalized clothing, while seemingly cute, actually could be dangerous. Clothes with your child's name can be dangerous, because children have a difficult time distinguishing between people who really know them and strangers who just announce their name because it's on their shirt or backpack. If you must personalize something, stick to initials that can't be read off by a stranger posing as "Mommy's friend who is picking you up today."

  • Short Shorts


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    Super-short shorts are never cute, no matter what age the child (and adult) is. Just go for a little bit of a longer hem and nothing will spill out.

  • Butt Labels


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    Your little girl doesn't want some lecherous perv staring at her behind, nor do you. But those shining rhinestones are clearly meant to draw the eye. So let's skip them, shall we?

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  • Pajamas


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    If they're sick, it's one thing. But in general, pajamas are for wearing to bed. Not to the grocery store. 

  • "Dumb" Shirts


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    Seriously ... maybe don't take digs at their education, huh? If they're struggling at school, or even if they're acing all their classes, don't flaunt their report cards or bully them about their academic performance.

  • Leashes


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    They're kids, not dogs.

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  • Aggressive/Challenging T-Shirt Slogans


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    Have you ever heard the saying "poking the hornet's nest"? Teens especially love funny and snarky T-shirts, but if you don't want your kid caught up in middle school drama, avoiding these kinds of clothes is best.

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  • A Rival Team's Jersey


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    Friendly rivalries are one thing. Being that one kid who wears the Red Sox shirt to Yankee Stadium just to be a jerk, on the other hand? That's just not cool. Teaching your kid to be a good sport is part of teaching them to be a nice person to be around.

  • Anything Mean, Sexist, Rude, Etc.


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    Like the aggressive shirts, these may be attractive to kids who are still learning social graces ... but that's why it's your job to step in and teach them what's not appropriate (and not just in public). 

  • See-Through Leggings


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    These aren't exactly the see-through leggings we mean, but the real scandalous ones are a little NSFW to post. Just teach this one lesson: Leggings are not pants and no one wants to sneak a peek at your daughter's underpants!


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