12 Tees for Kids Who Are Stuck in the Middle of the Family (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Jun 5, 2015 Big Kid

middle child shirtsFirst is the worst, second is the best ... you know how it goes. We've all heard it -- which is why it's no wonder that middle children (when followed by the classic, "third is the one with a hairy chest!") hold a special place every parent's heart. And they should wear their title proudly, with a "Middle Child & Proud of It!" shirt. Or, at least something in that vein.

They claim to be looked over so often, that they deserve their own special recognition, and these shirts will do just that. Check out the best shirts to get your stuck-in-the-middle-but-totally-loved little one.

So real and so true! Is #8 a bit too raunchy?


Image via Zazzle

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