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15 Genius Tricks to Get Even the Laziest Kids to Help Around the House

Big Kid Suzee Skwiot May 20, 2015

little girl cleaning roomGetting kids to do their chores is no easy feat. It's pretty common for kids to moan and groan about having to clean up their toys and feed Fido -- and pretty normal too. But study after study tells us it's not just helpful to get kids to pitch in around the house; it's good for them too. So how do you make them step up? Bring on the mom hacks!

From chore wheels to payday punch cards, moms around the web have some savvy solutions for sloth-like kids.

So bust out the craft glue and get to making these chore charts. And then set up a brilliant reward system that'll have kids coming back for more!

How to get kids to do chores

What kind of chore system do you have in your home?



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1WiFi Password Reward

Want a quick and easy way to get them to do chores? Change the WiFi password. Then, they have to complete a certain amount of work before they can log back onto the Internet.

2The Wheel of Chores

Make it a game! This DIY spinning chore wheel brings a little bit of luck and chance into the mix. It makes the kids "in charge" of what they ultimately have to do, and helps mix things up -- no one is stuck doing the same task day in and day out.

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3Chore Assignment Sticks

The same goes for these chore assignment sticks. These tongue depressors (that you can find at any craft store) include the specific chores that kids can do for the day. Have them close their eyes and pick away! If they "pick" a chore they don't like, it's on them ... no more complaining that you go easy on their siblings.

5Payday Punch Card

A chore payday punch card is just like Mom's loyalty card at the local coffee shop. But in this case, it's all about giving kids the thrill of filling all of their boxes with fun stamps on the way to a reward.

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6Zone Chore Chart & Competition

Get the kids to identify zones that are in need of chores, but then make it a game. A good ol' fashioned bout of sibling rivalry is the key. After all kids have completed cleaning their zones, Mom (as the judge), will determine which one completed the work best, and that kid will get a bonus for the day.

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7Sweeping Square

Sweeping floors has never been so fun! This sweeping square for kids requires nothing more than a bit of masking tape and a dirty floor. Get them to sweep the dirt into the square, and the task is complete. It's like playing soccer ... only the ball is made up of sand and dust bunnies!

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9Ransom Box

In need of motivation? If your child leaves their toys on the floor, gather them into a ransom box. They have to complete a chore to get a toy back.

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10Chore Dice

The chore dice get some fortune and fate into the "fun" of cleaning the house. Have the kids roll them once a day to see what they'll be responsible for that afternoon. A "free pass" on the dice will entice them to play along.

11Media Minutes

What's a prime reward for a modern kid? Screen time! These media minutes offer kids timed rewards for every type of chore completed, in lieu of, or in addition to, allowance.

14A Tisket, a Tasket

Kids don't want to go all the way upstairs every time they finish with a toy? These dollar store baskets double as what A Mama With Ideas calls her "crap baskets." While the kids play downstairs, have them throw their toys in the baskets before they head upstairs. Then, when it's time to go to bed, they can grab their baskets of -- well, you know --on their way up and deposit where they're usually stored.


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