Adam Walsh Murder: Case Closed

It's unbelievable that 27 years have passed since little 6-year-old Adam Walsh's abduction and eventual murder. I remember the horrific story as a little girl myself. It was the first national news story of its kind. We had no Megan's Law or  Amber Alerts or DNA analysis. Times were different then. "Why would someone want to hurt a kid?" I innocently wondered. "Who could be so evil?"


Well, the "why" will probably never be answered but today the "who" finally was. Ottis Toole, a serial killer who died in prison, was once the lead suspect but has now finally been identified as the culprit of this terrible crime. This morning on the Today Show, the Walsh family, including John Walsh, founder of America's Most Wanted, talked about their painful wait for a conclusion to the case that has haunted them nearly three decades.

In light of the news, an anonymous mom asks what we can do to support John Walsh and his family and to show gratitude for the important public service work he does through his show. MarlyeGirl suggested starting a group and dedicating a journal to him...any other ideas?

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