10 Moms Share Sleepover Horrors Worse Than Any Ghost Story (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Aug 18, 2015 Big Kid

sleepoverSleepovers are the epitome of fun and excitement for kids ... only for parents, they can quickly turn into living nightmares full of stress, messes galore, and very little sleep. In case you're wondering just how bad these slumber parties can get, read on.

From broken bones to cops at your door, these stories prove that a whole lot can go wrong when kids convene once the sun goes down. Consider this a warning to keep an eye on them ... and the doors locked!


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  • A Truly Frightening Night


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    When one dad tried to scare a bunch of 12-year-old girl after a long night of ghost stories, he threw on a rubber monster mask and crept outside. But when he started banging on the window, "Glass shattered, and suddenly there was blood everywhere," the mom said. "The broken glass had sliced open both of my husband's wrists!"

  • That's Sick!


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    During one 8-year-old's birthday sleepover, four of the nine guests came down with a stomach bug running rampant at school. "They were throwing up all over my house," recalls the mom. "We had to hire professional carpet cleaners.

  • Don't Play With Fire


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    At first, mom thought her daughter and guest were playing quietly in their room ... that is, until she smelled smoke. "They'd lit a fire, which could have burned up the entire house if we hadn't caught it in time," she recalls. Plus things only got worse after it was put out. "I called the girl's parents to come get her, only the dad showed up drunk," she says. "So I had to refuse to let him take his child until the next day."

  • Indigo-away!


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    One mom's son invited over an "indigo child," raised to believe he had supernatural traits ... supernaturally rude, that is. "He bounced on our trampoline in the middle of the night, then cursed us when we tried to get him off," the mom recalls. "During pancake breakfast the next day, he accused us of being cheap because we didn't include chocolate chips. When he left he stole my daughter's Pokémon figurines.

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  • Gone Girl


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    One mom woke up during a sleepover to hear that a guest had gone missing. "My husband jumped in the car as I searched the house," she recalls. "We were panicking when the kid's mom called, saying her daughter had come home because she was bored. I was fuming!"

  • Bye-bye Eyebrows!


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    Such a classic sleepover prank: Big sis and her friends thought it would be fun to shave off her little sister's eyebrows. Recalls mom: "It left her looking like Dr. Spock for two weeks." 

  • Leap of ... Face?


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    During one 5-year-old girl's first sleepover, she was jumping on her air mattress -- and ended up doing a face plant on a sharp corner of the bed frame. Ouch! "She looked like she'd gotten into a fist fight with a giant man," the mom recalls. 

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  • Potty Training Part II


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    At her 5-year-old daughter's first sleepover, one mom anticipated some attachment issues, but figured they were covered in other departments. Nope: "One pooped in her sleeping bag and didn't say anything until I figured it out," mom says.

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  • 'Adult' Entertainment


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    At one sleepover, a 9-year-old guest got bored and decided to dabble in more "grown-up" activities. According to the mom on duty, "I caught her sitting in a dark bathroom texting a stranger."

  • Who Let the Dogs Out?


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    All was fine during a sleepover ... until someone set the dogs loose, who wreaked havoc in their wake. "One dog hit the entertainment center, causing our TV to smash to the ground and breaks one child's foot," the mom recalls. "Then the cops showed up because another homesick kid had managed to walk to the neighbor's asking to call his mom. Last sleepover ever!"

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