10 Old School Activities You Need to Share With Your Kids

Judy Dutton | May 21, 2015 Big Kid

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Today, amid the iPads and Xboxes, it can be easy to forget that there was a time when kids had a blast doing far simpler stuff. And oh, what a tragedy it would be if you one day wake up and realize your kids have grown up without trying them! (And trust us, that will happen faster than you think!)

In case your kids are twiddling their thumbs one day and you're scrambling for some fresh ways to have some fun, check out this list of ideas. We promise you won't be disappointed!

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  • Cat's Cradle


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    Who knew kids could wile away hours playing with a piece of string? That's the simple allure of Cat's Cradle, a game that does wonders for hand-eye coordination as well.

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  • Catching Fireflies in a Jar


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    Fireflies are just magical -- and your kids will have fun catching them! Plus, they make for the coolest night lights ever.

  • Hopscotch


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    All you need is a sidewalk and a piece of chalk to play hopscotch. Plus hopping inside the squares, alternating between one foot and two, is actually quite challenging for young kids and a way to master a developmental milestone called homolateral movement (which means moving one side of your body in a different way than the other).

  • Lemonade Stand


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    We'll bet many a budding business owner's first enterprise was a lemonade stand. It introduces your kids to the idea of making money, selling a product, and customer relations -- all via everyone's favorite tart beverage.

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  • Jumping Rope


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    Jumping rope is major exercise, and lifting those feet at the exact right time a true triumph in coordination. Plus, once they've mastered this challenge, you can up the ante to an art form with Double Dutch.

  • Bowling


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    Before video games, there was bowling -- and there's something deeply satisfying about hoisting a heavy ball toward twelve pins. Even if more than a few end up in the gutter, even your youngest kid is bound to get a strike at some point and feel like a million bucks!

  • Hide 'n Seek


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    Hide 'n' Seek has it all: the excitement of finding a great hiding spot and the thrill of getting caught or evading your captor. It's like being in your own action movie with endless variations.

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  • Building a Tent or Fort


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    Building a tent or fort out of old sheets and couch cushions is the perfect rainy day activity. Plus, with a few decorations and stuffed animals, your kid's new dwelling can turn into palace, barn, or whatever else sparks his imagination.

  • Duck Duck Goose


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    Remember this game? It's where kiids sit in a circle waiting to get "goosed," then run around chasing the kid who picked them. So simple, so fun.

  • Climbing Trees


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    Who needs jungle gyms when you've got trees? It's the ultimate way to get a workout while communing with nature.

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