17 Things Never to Say to a Little Boy Who Wears Pink

little boy wearing pink shirt

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls. At least that's the age-old idea that's been ingrained in the minds of many, but believe it or not, your genitalia doesn't actually dictate what color top you should wear. Hard to understand? It seems so, because some people just can't handle when a little boy who wears pink.


From national hysteria after J. Crew's Jenna Lyons painted her 5-year-old son's nails pink in a promotion for the company to a 2-year-old being attacked in a Wal-Mart for his -- you guessed it -- pink headband, the reaction these kids get in this day and age is like something out of the Mad Men era.

Think it's all innocent ribbing? We asked moms to share the rudest things people (adults and kids) have said to their sons who wear pink.

Read up and please, please, never say these:

  1. That's for girls! Really? Do girls ever wear blue? Conversation over.
  2. Real boys don't wear pink. What? My son is imaginary? And here the 13 hours of labor seemed so real!
  3. You don't want that. Oh, and you would know exactly what, do you?
  4. You should change. Change what? Your attitude?
  5. Your mom and dad shouldn't let you do that. Well yours shouldn't let you speak to people that way, but whatareyougonnado?
  6. Is that your sister's? No, believe it or not, we buy our kids their own clothes.
  7. Did your mom make you wear that? No, thanks. It is possible to dress yourself, thankyouverymuch. And even if she did, do you really care?
  8. Sissy! Sissy! Well you're a bully, bully!

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  9. What does your dad say? He says 'Hi.' What does your dad say?
  10. Does your dad wear pink? Yes, and he looks great in it.
  11. You should go with the girls. But the girls are wearing blue, so we're just really confused here.
  12. Was that an accident? Not even a little bit. I planned this all on Sunday.
  13. Your parents should put their foot down on this. Would you prefer the kid wear no shirt instead?
  14. Are you gay? Are you serious?

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  15. It'll turn you gay. Ah, yes. That's definitely how that works.
  16. Careful, you might break a nail. If you can name one man who has never broken a nail in his life, I'll concede.
  17. Wow, I hate that. Wow, you're a friendly human. Thank you so much for that input.
  18. You really shouldn't do that. There are plenty of things our kids shouldn't do -- touch a hot stove, run on the street -- but this doesn't seem to be one of them.

Does your son wear pink? What's the most obnoxious thing anyone has said to him?



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