19 Disturbing Discoveries Moms Have Made in Their Kids' Bedrooms

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Toxic waste sites don't hold a candle to the shocking discoveries in store for moms when they dare clean their kids' rooms after weeks of nagging the little ones to do it themselves. Don't believe us? Just check out these stories below from mothers revealing things they've unearthed while tidying up their children's closets, beds, desks, and other areas where their little tykes' messes are allowed to flourish ... and often rot undetected for weeks.


Because let's face it: Kids are filthy beasts. To a certain extent, it's up to you to do damage control. Consider these discoveries a call to arms to get in there before things fester too long, okay?

  1. "One time my son woke up sick in the middle of the night, thought it would be a wonderful idea to puke in one of those saucer sleds, slid it under his bed, and then never told me about it. That was a lovely surprise."
  2. "An unused tampon in my 2-year-old stepson's closet. I don't even want to know."
  3. "The one that freaked me out the most would be my 2-year-old daughter's bug box. I pulled what I thought was a jewelry box out from under her dresser, but when I opened it, I saw a handful of mud, a chunk of bread, some grass, and about a million little creepy crawlies: beetles, worms, ladybugs, June bugs, I don't even know what else ... I was so paranoid about bugs in the house for so long. After that we got her a tank where she can keep all the critters she wants, provided they stay in the tank!"
  4. "From the age of 4 to 8 when my son slept on his top bunk, he'd put his boogers on the wall. It was like a mural; different-colored snots added depth to the work. Why? 'Because mom, there's no tissue box by the top bunk compared to the bottom with a nightstand.' Ew."
  5. "A five-pound bag of cheese in her bed."
  6. "A Tupperware container with an 'experiment' inside. I opened it and immediately gagged (I also may have cursed). Turns out my little first grade scientist wanted to know what would happen if he mixed mouthwash and milk together, closed it up, and then left it to rot for an unknown amount of time. I asked what the conclusion of his experiment was. He took out his pad of paper and wrote, 'Mom gags.'"
  7. "A really old diaper. My daughter was just learning how to take off her diaper at night, and I guess she took it off in her closet, and I didn't know."
  8. "Hands down, it would be the 'potions' my girls have concocted over the years: a small, usually glass, jar filled with a little of this and a little of that from each bottle of shampoo, soap, mouthwash, etc., from the bathroom cupboards. Those bottles were so, um, interesting-looking, I was afraid to open them to pour them out. I was worried there could be noxious fumes that would kill me. The girls never made them to be opened; sometimes they even glued the lids on! They were just to look pretty!"
  9. "My 7-year-old son had a brief obsession with urinating into toys -- toys that could hold liquid like a plastic playhouse table -- and he would leave the urine-filled items for me to later find."

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  10. "A little Tupperware full of fingernails. Not the whole nail, just little bits that were ripped off. My daughter has long nails. Guess those were her favorites."
  11. "My first grader brought home another child's tooth and kept it in her treasure box. That creeped me out -- it's something serial killers would do!"
  12. "A large bowl of petrified coleslaw."
  13. "Our kids had this huge walk-in closet where we kept a tub of toys. Well, one day, I went in the bedroom and I smelled something HORRIBLE! So I emptied the tub onto the floor. It took me a minute to see it, but there it was: Apparently my younger child had thrown her sippy cup into the toy box. It contained milk. Who knows how old, but it was so curdled that it looked like really chunky cottage cheese, and there was a thick layer of mold inside as well."
  14. "I found a piece of banana she had shoved into the toe of one of her shoes."
  15. "I found a bag full of bones in a plastic bag at the bottom of my son's closet. They were bones from a deer that he found in the woods; he apparently thought it would be cool to bring them home."

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  16. "I smelled urine and couldn't for the life of me figure out where it was coming from. Then after about a week I finally realized my oldest son was peeing in the humidifier instead of going downstairs to the bathroom at night! That's when we realized he was afraid of the dark, and we added an extra night-light."
  17. "My 2-year-old wanted a stick of butter one night when I was baking and of course we told him no. Well, that little hoarder climbed out of his crib during the night, scaled the gate, and pushed his chair over to get butter. He got all three sticks and brought them back to his crib. I found it a day later!"
  18. "A bologna sandwich on the baseboard heater over which sea monkeys had spilled. And it was well baked by the heater."
  19. "This didn't happen at my house, but supposedly happened to my brother's friend during high school. I guess his room was so dirty that a popcorn kernel started to grow along his baseboard wall in his bedroom. I think his bedroom was in the basement and might have gotten moisture down there!"

What's the weirdest thing you've found while cleaning your kid's room?


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