16 Toy Fads We're Glad Are Over

Suzee Skwiot | Apr 8, 2015 Big Kid
16 Toy Fads We're Glad Are Over

silly bandzThey dominate holiday gifting season and often times extend throughout the year, but toy fads are both the best and worst things to happen to all parents. Every kid wants one, every parent wants to get one, and ultimately, forks over double to retail price just to snag it on eBay. We all know the toy craze struggles and are so happy once they're done.

From the nostalgic #ThrowbackThursday toys, to the major manias of recent years, these toy fads have come, taken our money, and gone.

And may they all rest in peace.

Which toy fad are you glad is over?



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  • Clackers


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    Plus side, they were incredibly cheap. Down side, they were in every single birthday party goodie bag and seemed to live for far longer than anyone really wanted. The premise was simple, really. You hold the handle and swing it until the two balls "clack" together. Over and over again. Any parent who didn't immediately develop migranes might just be a saint.

    If we hear that darn clacking sound one more time ...

  • Webkinz


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    Is this fad officially over? We sure wish it would be. They come with a code kids can redeem online to interact with other Webkinz players, play games with their pets, and raise little pet families. They're expensive, impossible to share, and truth be told, the kids only really want the code, not the actual toy. Waste. Of. Space.

  • Furby


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    Creepy when we were kids, creepy when they made a comeback a couple years ago. You'd lock them in your closet at night just to get them to finally leave you alone, and then you'd hear that dreaded "Doo ay!"

    If they were to just disappear, we wouldn't even mind.

  • POGs


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    The premise was (somewhat) easy to teach. Players each choose an equal number of POGs and stacked them all face-down. Then, one by one, you slam the stack with your own slammer, causing the POGs to scatter. You collect any face-up POGs.

    But then you'll walk through the house, finding scattered POGs randomly under sofas, on the stairs, behind the curtains. They cost a fortune, were glorified versions of bottlecaps, and made absolutely no sense as a game. And why, pray tell, did they need a "slammer"?!

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  • Silly Bandz


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    Alright, truth be told, these were really stinkin' cute at first. They came in all sorts of shapes and fun outlines, and the kids would stock up on all the themes. But then... they would never wear them. They'd be caught up in the vacuum cleaner or eaten by the pets because there were just so freakin' many.

  • Shrinky Dinks


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    Do kids love to see things shrink? In the oven, no less? That's certainly questionable.

    But they did, at one point, love to create little doodles, bake them, and see their mini versions. Then, however, came the problem. They weren't toys, and didn't have any useful purpose. Straight to the trash they'd go!

  • Zhu Zhu Pets


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    If we couldn't afford (read: did want) a real hamster for the kids, this was the next-best choice. Except that they didn't like this either. The toys sold at about $10 in stores, but when they quickly sold out, off to eBay we went. .. and bought them for upwards of $250.

    Moral of the story: Parents loved them, kids weren't phased. Pets ate them. Zhu Zhu Pets, we bid you one big adieu.

  • Tamagotchi


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    Another we-don't-want-to-get-you-a-real-pet solution. They were great and all, and taught the kids about the responsibility of caring for a real pet. Until they were left alone for more than six hours, died, and parents had to deal with the subsequent sobbing fits. The lesson was never worth the trouble.

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  • Tickle Me Elmo


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    The fad began in the holiday season of 1996. After appearing on the Rosie O'Donnell show, the entire stock of Tickle-Me-Elmos sold out before Christmas. The craze continued years later (and with different spin-off versions), but the trauma from '96 will likely never fade.

  • Beanie Babies


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    It takes one look at this photo to see why we're all so glad the "Beanie Boom" has ended.

    They may have been the toys of the '90s, back when you believed that you could sell your entire collection later for millions and millions of dollars (spoiler alert: that was a lie), but no more. They were adorable, but no kid could play with them. That was the biggest no-no. And what's a toy if you can't play with it?

  • Skip It


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    Easy, outdoor-friendly, and a nice source of exercise, but any Skip-It fan knows there's nothing worse than that piercing pain of the roller hitting your ankle. No thanks. No more.

  • Polly Pockets


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    Though it's certainly not the worst toy on this list, multiple parents complained about these tiny, rubbery collections. Everything would seem to be going well, until you lose the miniscule, dime-sized helmet accessory that just has to complete the outfit and all hell would break loose.

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  • Troll Dolls


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    "Just look at them" -- Anonymous mom.

    We couldn't agree more. With a name like "Troll Dolls," did we really expect them to be not nightmare-inducing? But nevertheless, kids loved their colorful hair and themed outfits.

  • Chia Pets


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    Talk about delayed gratification. Yet, somehow, kids always thought these terracotta planters would immediately sprout chia "hairs." No amount of explanations about plans, proper and timely watering, and general patience would ever help prepare them for the weeks of waiting. Toy for the kids? Nope. New plant for Mom? Obviously.

  • Flutterbye Fairies


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    Kids loved them because, hello, they flew. But then they'd boink dad in the head, anger the dogs, or meet a fiery fate and Mom was left to pick up the (charred) pieces. Tell us again why these were so popular?

  • Tech Decks


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    For kids who didn't dare step foot on a skateboard (and for moms who wouldn't allow it), this was the next best thing. They came with a mini screwdriver, interchangeable boards and wheels, but then you'd ultimately lose several pieces, be left with a three-wheeled skateboard (impossible to ride, I'm afraid), and a weapon-like screwdriver floating somewhere in the home. And on top of all that: What kid doesn't look cool riding a skateboard with their fingers? #Kidding.

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