10 Cool Ways to Upcycle Legos

Judy Dutton | Mar 31, 2015 Big Kid
10 Cool Ways to Upcycle Legos

lego key holder

If your kids (and you!) are Lego fans, you've no doubt spent countless hours cobbling together castles, space ships, or heck, entire villages made out of these colored bricks. Yet did you know that in addition to these flights of fancy, Legos can also be put to use in more practical, real-world ways -- say, as desk organizers, math lessons, pet feeders and far more?

If you're curious to see some more offbeat ways to incorporate Legos into your actual lives, look no further than this slideshow of amazing projects. They will stretch your imaginations, and prove that Legos are far more than mere toys. Happy building!

Cool Lego projects

Who knew that Legos could help keep your kids from getting sick in #6?


Image via Dave Hax/Instructables 

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