Mom Gives Brawny Superheroes a Sensitive Side in New Coloring Book

coloring book for boysWhen Linnea Johansson's 3-year-old son Caspian came home from kindergarten, she noticed he was trying his hardest not to cry. She asked him why he didn't want to shed a tear, and right then, she saw the issue. "He looked at me with his sad eyes and said, 'Because Spiderman doesn't cry,'" she told The Stir in an exclusive interview. And that's what started her new coloring book for boys project.


"I was absolutely heartbroken to see my little, delicate, and sensitive boy close up so emotionally," Johansson adds. "This, to me, is proof that it takes only three years for a child to learn the 'gender code,' and that, as a boy, the worst thing you can do is 'cry like a girl' and that he needs to 'man up.'"

So she decided to do something about it.

She's been drawing since she was a teenager and started to reinvent traditional super heroes to show her son that boys can, indeed, be sensitive, kind, and emotional.

Yes, it's possible.

Take a look at the slideshow for Johansson's re-done superheroes for kids, and great news: It's free for you to print at home!

#6 is such a different take! Which one is your favorite?


Image via Linnea Johansson

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