25 Worst Things Siblings Have Ever Done to One Another

little brother fighting "You're adopted!" or "Mom doesn't like you!" are two of the most common things kids yell at their siblings. But that's before they start to get more creative ... and devious.


Everyone says kids say the darndest things, but you don't know the half of it until your kids are locked in a stubborn sibling rivalry. From the nasty comments, to locking them in the closet, we've all lost it at some point and fought back against our at-home best friends.

Sorry, we're not sorry.

But the real insults are far worse than you might imagine.

We asked moms about the worst things kids have done to their siblings (or that they've done to their own siblings), and the list will have you wondering if you should have just stopped at one.

Here are their worst admissions:

  1. "I once told my younger sister that she had a twin, but we lost her while out shopping. I told her that Mom and Dad were so upset when it happened that they no longer liked to talk about it. One night at the dinner table, she slipped up and said, 'my twin.' Both my parents looked at her, then one another, and finally me. I was grounded for a month."
  2. "When my little brother was 6 and I was 14, I convinced him that the tornado sirens were alarms letting us know there was an alien invasion under way and that he needed to help defend our home by spraying them with special chemicals that will make them melt. It was really colored water. I told him aliens came down in human form, so any human he encountered, he had to spray. He sprayed Dad and Grandma."
  3. "I spit gum in my sister's hair in high school. No real reason. I just didn't like her then."
  4. "I was a perfect angel, but two of my sisters convinced my youngest sister that she had Dutch elm disease."
  5. "In the middle of the night, I got up and installed a remote controlled speaker behind my 18-year-old brother's mirror. I'd play Spice Girls when he was on the phone with his girlfriend."

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  6. "I put a plastic snake in my brother's backpack. He was so deathly afraid of them that when he opened it up, he flew back, landed on the stairs, and broke his elbow. That was not part of the plan."
  7. "When I was little, I put a Halloween CD in a Walkman. My sister and I sneaked into my little brother's room (he was 4 at the time), and put the headphones on him. I pressed play and it began with "Happy Halloween!" in a very creepy voice. He woke up shrieking for my mom. We got in major trouble, but it was totally worth it."
  8. "When my brother and I were younger, I dared him to moon all the cars passing by the house. Then, I saw my mom driving down the street and told him to moon the upcoming car. He did. Mom didn't think it was so funny. I was grounded for a week, and he spent the night in the corner."
  9. "My youngest and middle children were goofing around on the sofa. He said something that made her mad, so she sat on his face. As a joke, my husband yelled, 'fart on him!' And she did!"
  10. "Once, I got so mad at my brother that I threw a fork at him. It doesn't sound so bad, but it threw it with such force that it stuck in his stomach for a second before falling to the floor. He had a scar. I believe he called me fat while I was eating. Take that!"
  11. "My big sister set me on fire, threw me down an elevator shaft, and knocked me out of a second floor window. Doctor. Hospital. Broken clavicle."
  12. "My older sister would always take a glass of freezing ice water and dump it over the shower wall whenever I was showering. Not fun. Not funny."
  13. "When I was 8, my sister had me convinced I was a real alien for a full six months. Even my parents played along with it."
  14. "My two older siblings mixed up this awful concoction of hot sauces and other condiments and told our little brother that if he didn't drink it, he wouldn't go through puberty. He got SO sick."
  15. "My brother once convinced my sister to go on the roof to get a Frisbee she lost. She was 2."
  16. "I have always been afraid of snakes. My sister always thought it would be hysterical to chase me around the house with snake skin. Being the devil child that I am, I decided I was going to get her. Weeks and weeks went by, and my sister was constantly in trouble for her dirty room. She decided she was going to clean out her closet because it was the only place that wasn't perfect. That's when she found out why her room was so smelly. She opened her Looping Louie toy and found about 2 pounds of old crab leg shells hidden in there."
  17. "Once, two sisters told me a story about their brother. He was 12 or 13 and tring to grow a mustache. It was really nothing more than a few hairs that were gracing his upper lip. The sisters teased him relentlessly and said it looked ridiculous and like dirt. He refused to shave it. One night while he was sleeping, they covered his 'facial hair' with duct tape and ripped it off."
  18. "One time, we were taking a bath, and I peed directly on my sister."
  19. "My sister and I handcuffed my brother to the bathtub. We then continued to wrap the handcuffs with duct tape."
  20. "My sister and I were playing hide and seek with my younger brother. When I found my sister, she said she had seen him hide in the shed. So we sneaked up to it, locked the door, and left. And forgot."

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  21. "My 9-year-old daughter convinced her 7-year-old brother that there were monsters living in the closet. She told him that a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, and a zombie were in there and would eat him if he went in there. My sister had given her a dummy head (that she used in cosmetology school), and my daughter told him that that was the last person who went in there. Poor kid had nightmares for months."
  22. "My sister left our brother hanging off our porch by the basketball hoop for three hours by his underwear. He called her a very rude word once. He always got away with it, but not that day!"
  23. "My ex-girlfriend put her brother's mattress in the closet and he slept there for a year."
  24. "I once fell down the stairs while trying to zip up my coat. I was crying and sobbing, and my brother just continued to sit there and play Nintendo."
  25. "One time, my sister stuffed a pair of underwear with a skid mark on them in my backpack. When I went to school, I tried to pull out a folder, and the pair literally flew out in front of everyone."

What's the worst thing your children have done or said to each other?


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