Girl Hates Gym So Mom Writes An 'Excuse' Note She Will Never Forget (PHOTO)

moms funny note for daughter's PE excuse

Some days, you just really don't want to play in gym class. Kids, you know what I'm saying. So it's time to go to Mom and ask her to write a nice excuse note for the teacher. That's exactly what one girl expected, but the entire plan backfired when her mom wrote her the best excuse for PE class. Little Olivia has "Bone-idle-itus," after all!


Facebook user Sam McEvoy posted the letter she wrote for her daughter and it immediately went viral. And for good reason. Every single kid has tried this, and every single parent has always wanted to write this kind of letter. Take a look at her genius move:

"But Mommmmmmm! It's too cold!"

Nope, didn't work at all. Written, signed, sealed, and delivered right to the teacher's hands. Looks like you'll be doing a few extra laps, Olivia. Better get over the "cold."

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Is it unfair? Maybe so. "Bone-idle-itis" affects 100 percent of school-aged children (and plenty of adults), after all. It's truly and epidemic and affliction.

We should cut the kids a break. They need a little time off from the cold and physical education classes. But for now, we'll give this round to Mom.

Better luck next time, Olivia. We'll be rooting for you.

Have your kids ever asked for an excuse note like this?



Image via Sam McEvoy/Facebook

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