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  • Minecraft Goody Bags

    Image via LivingWithBeth

    This Minecraft gift bag is great even if your kids don't love Minecraft. Why? Because it proves that even if the objects in your gift bag are pretty average, you can alter their appearance and packaging to fit a new theme. For instance, in this case, juice boxes were dressed up as Endermans; Twizzlers turned into sticks of TNT. Talk about creative!

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  • Doc McStuffins Bags

    Why give kids bags filled with toys when you can give them the real thing for less money? That was the idea behind these Doc McStuffins goody bags, which are actual prescription bags from the doctor's office filled with Band-Aids, lollipops, stickers, and other things you'd actually get during a checkup (with the exception of the syringe, which is really a marker).

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  • Play Doh To Go

    Image via Brian A Jackson/shutterstock

    All kids love Play-Doh, and it's insanely cheap and easy to make your own version at home (plus you can custom-create colors and add as much glitter as you want!). Package in small jars with personalized labels for a cute gift-to-go that kids can play with at home.

  • Sock Cupcake

    Image via Bollingwith5

    Send kids home with a cupcake ... that's actually a cozy pair of socks? You'll get points for originality and practicality.

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  • Hit the Beach

    Image via  ©    

    If your kiddo has a summer birthday, load the kids up on everything they need to hit the beach ... or the sandbox. These buckets can be picked up at the dollar store and filled with plastic shovels and other small toys for the sand.